10 works of SHINGA (Initial D)

Cars are the romance for men. They are the idols of the men’s dream. In a series of Japanese animation, “Initial D(頭文字D)”, it shown a lot of classy scenes of car racing. A modeller, Shinga, made a model which with the style of hand-drawing, to reproduce the atmosphere of the scene in manga. With his creativity and high quality of paintings, the artworks are became famous in social network. People were unexpected that his artworks are not just drawing, but are 3D models ! The scene of GT-R and AE86’s drifting presented by 3D model are very marvellous. Its shown that he strived for ongoing devotes of cars and the animation “Initial D”.

09 LEGO Product — 1:1 BUGATTI CHIRON

LEGO gives people a dream to use LEGO blocks to build what they want, with their creativity, everything they can do. In LEGO’s Technic design team, they have a dream to build a full-scale movable vehicle, with the full-sized engine system (which also need to made by LEGO). It seems that the project is huge and difficult, but their enthusiasm, knowledges and inventiveness, they arrived to the goal. The goal of completing 1:1 Bugatti Chiron, which is a  sports car, and their grant works were record by a video. And also, the one which is crazy is that they can make it drive ! Because real Chiron do not have straight line, using LEGO was also one of the difficult problem, however, they made it with the bars to present the car’s curve surface. With the high-tech buildings, the planning and researching skills, and team’s dynamism, everything LEGO is impossible.

08 works of Y_NAKAJIMA

Copyright of Di_ney are strict. Some Di_ney’s secondary creations were taken the legal action against Di_ney. However, more dispute between them will appear more challengers to fight against the copyright of Di_ney. A brave modeller, Nakajima, has challenged with his hand made models — Mi_ky Mouse, Do_ald Duck, Pl_to, Mi_nie Mouse, and Wi_nie the Pooh. His artworks are presented with the style of army and punk, with high quality of painting. The innovative idea and bold action made a lot of people loves his artworks. People asked whether he is suiciding indirectly or not. However, his enthusiastic on western cartoons makes he ongoing making and started a new series — Th_mas & his friends, and uploading the images in the Twitter.

07 buildings in HK feat. Tiny

A brand called “Tiny (微影)”, are the products of models. People loves their models because they are a part of memories of Hong Kong. “Tiny” got a lot of model cars and buses which are really existing or existed in Hong Kong. It’s products can recall the memories of Bubble generation of Hongkongers, therefore, its target to the senior citizens of Hong Kong. However, “Tiny”’s products also be interested by young Hongkongers, and become popular now. The image I took was in HK Toys Exhibition 2018, the structure are originally aimed to the advertisement of “Tiny”’s new product — the HK housing block, however, the impact of the structure shocked everybody and became one of the legend of “Tiny” now.

06 Redtory (hung zyun cong)

Reuse object, it is one of an important concept, whether it is for recycle or for art and design. Reuse an object can change the aim of an item to give chance and life to the abandoned object twice. Especially the abandoned buildings, it can be reformed to remain the buildings, and initiate a business purpose to maintain the buildings working. In Guangzhou (China), there is a place called “Redtory (Hung Zyun Cong)”, where is a place used to be the factory of producing canned foods. Now it becomes an art zone that there are shops for selling books, structures, etc. Also it remain the form of factory which used red bricks to build. Some machines which are  exhibited are the maker machines used before the factory abandoned.


05 illustration of Sattou

There are a lot of ways to illustrate and express human. In the way of a Japanese artist, Sattou, he draw people with an infinite width of shoulder and the humour way to present his idea and works. His artworks are always updating, and now still uploading in the social network, Twitter. His drawing style are always against to the rules and the scale of the body, it intensified impact of his drawing and made people unforgettable. As he draw people with specific way, people are always interested and love them.

04 buildings in Macau

Although in Hong Kong there are a lot of buildings are idolize and interesting, Macau are also one of the places where was a colony managed by the Portugal. The building’s style before 90’s have a big different between Hong Kong. After 90’s, the modern buildings are bristled, Macau has become a big city, which is known as city of “Gambling”. As the buildings in Macau are concentrated, it can be seen old and new in one view, as the picture I took at there. The photo like there is a big opposition between the citizens and the nobleman. It is because the characteristic of buildings in Macau is old and new buildings are concentrated in one place, therefore, a lot of traveller likes to go there and have a sightseeing.

03 abandoned carriages in Hangzhou

Around world there are lots of abandoned buildings which their walls are collapsed and surrounded by grass and weeds. Many photographers are interested because of its fantastic and beautiful nature perfectly cross over with modern objects. But it is not doubt that the objects are all connect to an ebb and flow of history. The images and the article I found are presenting people who are railway enthusiasts found an abandoned train in Hangzhou (China). Throughout the protests and clashes in WWII, the train was abandoned and now, the photographers give the train a new life, make it as a new camera spot.

02 illustration of Shigeru Mizuki

The author of Japanese famous cartoon “Kitaro (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎)” Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, although he passed away in 2015, he had remained a lot of his masterpieces in this world. Besides he had interests and expertise of Japanese ghosts, he also had a talent of illustrating. The photos I found are all the drawings by Mr. Mizuki. His high reality and quality drawings are inspired me and made me respect to him. They are undeniably proofed that the final goal of illustration are learning about diversity of idea and having the skill of drawing, like Mr. Mizuki. I think people who keeping his manga and magazines are very pleased.

01 buildings in HK

Ponte City Apartments in South Africa is known in international. As the simple shape of the tower, and with a spaced ”core” inside the building is the characteristic simbol of this tower. I also want to go there and take a fantastic photo for remembrance. Luckily, in Hong Kong, there are also several buildings like that. One of the ”core” shaped circle is the place called ”Lai Oak Tsuen”. The other one is ”Wah Fu Estate”. These two are famous public housing estate in Hong Kong and lots of photographer loves go there. A film ”Ghost in Shell (Hollywood)” was also introduced in one scene. The stylish buildings with a ”hole” as icon made me felt very interested. And these images are my photographs and they makes me feel enthusiastic to architects.