09 LEGO Product — 1:1 BUGATTI CHIRON

LEGO gives people a dream to use LEGO blocks to build what they want, with their creativity, everything they can do. In LEGO’s Technic design team, they have a dream to build a full-scale movable vehicle, with the full-sized engine system (which also need to made by LEGO). It seems that the project is huge and difficult, but their enthusiasm, knowledges and inventiveness, they arrived to the goal. The goal of completing 1:1 Bugatti Chiron, which is a  sports car, and their grant works were record by a video. And also, the one which is crazy is that they can make it drive ! Because real Chiron do not have straight line, using LEGO was also one of the difficult problem, however, they made it with the bars to present the car’s curve surface. With the high-tech buildings, the planning and researching skills, and team’s dynamism, everything LEGO is impossible.

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